Talking about the principle of brake pad induction wire

When the brake pad is worn to the end, it will wear the brake pad induction wire at the same time. The brake pad induction wire was originally short-circuited, but after a bit of wear and tear, it will become disconnected, and the indicator light will be on. Today we will take a closer look.
1. The principle of the brake pad induction wire: When the brake pad is worn out to the "limit" set by the brake pad after a certain period of time, the natural circuit is worn "broken", and then it is back-corroded to the ECU. Turn on the warning light.
2. The brake pads are also called brake pads. In the brake system of a car, the brake pads are the most critical safety parts. The brake pads play a decisive role in the effectiveness of all braking. Therefore, a good brake pad is the protector of people and cars.
3. Brake pads are generally composed of steel plates, adhesive thermal insulation layers and friction blocks. The steel plates must be painted to prevent rust. During the coating process, a furnace temperature tracker is used to detect the temperature distribution during the coating process to ensure quality. The heat insulation layer is composed of materials that do not transfer heat, and the purpose is to heat insulation. The friction block is composed of friction material and adhesive, and is squeezed on the brake disc or brake drum to generate friction during braking, so as to achieve the purpose of decelerating and braking the vehicle.

Due to friction, the friction block will gradually be worn out. Generally speaking, the lower the cost of the brake pad, the faster it will wear out.